zChocolat ~ French Valentine Chocolates

Today I want to share with you the perfect valentine gift for the chocolate lover in your life. Who doesn’t love chocolate!?! The french just know how to do things to perfection. They take such pride in what they do, and they are so passionate about it as well. The attention to detail will impress you. It is a delicious luxury chocolate experience that you’ll never forget. They are just exquisite! These chocolates are made 100% in France, and are shipped straight to your doorstep. You can have a taste of France without ever leaving home. It’s a beautiful thing!

They are hand-made by Pascal Caffet, world champion chocolatier. Who has a passion for excellence and a passion for details. They were rated best chocolate store in 2018. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They offer worldwide express delivery and same day shipping. Delivery guaranteed for February 14th.

I know that receiving this most precious gift in the mail~ will make your loved one feel so special. I will attach their website so that you don’t have to just take my word for it, but that you can discover for yourself how delectable these chocolates really are.

I encourage you to go on the website, and fall in love with chocolate all over again.


This box of chocolates is from zChocolat Valentine’s collection. If you are interested in ordering this exact collection ~ It is called zBox 12 ‘Je t’aime’ . It will come with 12 heart shaped chocolates inside the beautiful packaging.


They were so heavenly tasting that they didn’t last long, therefore I only had four left to take a picture of. 🙂






zChocolat will definitely hold the key to your heart.




What’s more romantic than chocolates from France!?!














Click on the link below to order your chocolates now from zChocolat.

<a href=”http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-8721569-10985933″&gt;

Happy Valentine’s! ‘Je t’aime’

Until next time friends, Jessie Jo


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