French Provincial Desk Makeover

My daughter loves to do artwork such as: drawing, painting, etc., and she has a vintage style typewriter. She needed a special place where she could let her creative side shine. She’s a very talented young lady! I set out looking for a desk for my daughter, and I found this vintage french provincial desk on the Letgo App. She was asking $125. for it originally, but I kept my eye on it and was able to purchase it for $75.


I painted it black and then I accented it with gold and silver. I used a gold and silver paint sharpie for this. Which I totally love using!!! The black paint I purchased at Home Depot.


My daughters room is lavender and her comforter is white with touches of lavender, black, and gray. I found the antique french chair on the OfferUp App. It had already been painted black and recovered with black fabric. She was asking $45. for it, and we purchased it for $40.

We were happy to find a chair that was in the french style, the right color, and fit inside of the desk. We had tried other chairs with it that we already had, but none of them were narrow enough to fit between the legs of the desk.


We were both pleased with how it turned out. She has a cute lamp on her desk now along with her other cutesy/artsy items:-)

I hope you enjoyed this makeover project, and seeing the before and after pictures. I love my sweet girl Kendall Rae (my only daughter), and I was happy to do this project for her. Love you sweetie;-)  XOXOX

Until next time friends, Jessie Jo




3 thoughts on “French Provincial Desk Makeover

  1. That turned out so cute! I too have a typewriter (mine is pink – of course) and I think that desk is just adorable. Super classy!


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