Antique French Flair Armoire Makeover

In a previous post I shared a dining room hutch makeover that my mom and I worked on together for my hobby room. We were looking for a cabinet with a french flair, but at the time had no luck with finding one. I finally found a french provincial armoire for sale on craigslist. I decided to ask my mom if she would be okay if I sold the one we did together (for my birthday) to get a french style one to replace it. She was totally fine with that, because she knew that’s what I really wanted in the first place. Well, by the time I sold my hutch the one I wanted on Craigslist was sold already. I was totally bummed out, but it was so pretty that I knew it wouldn’t last long! I continued on my search for a while with no luck on my let go/offer up apps, craigslist, and local stores. My husband was getting ready to travel again for work, and he told me to start looking on craigslist in the states that he would be traveling through. I thought that was a great idea since he would be driving his truck instead of flying this time. I started looking and came across several of them that would work for storing my hobby stuff inside. It’s funny because there was two of my exact armoires for sale in the Atlanta Craigslist. You’ll see the screenshot pics I took with my phone below of the listings on Craigslist. The first pic. they are asking $600. for it, and the second one they are asking $325. for it. They are the exact same piece, but they have different color stains on them. I obviously decided to start negotiating on the lower priced one. I offered her $250. to see what her bottom dollar was, and to my surprise she excepted my offer. After Mr. Hubster picked it up for me ~ he couldn’t believe what price I got it for. I think the pictures don’t do it justice, because he didn’t have that reaction until he saw it in person. I think he was regretting telling me to find one in another state, because poor Mr. Hubster had to lift the BEAST all by himself with a little help from his dolly. The details are so pretty on the armoire, and it’s one of those pieces of furniture that you almost hate to paint… almost! You know that I can’t resist!!;)IMG_3022

The pic. below is the one that I negotiated the price down to $250.00, and I purchased it with the money I made from selling my hutch. I was able to replace it and have extra money in my pocket. Yippee!:)

Don’t be afraid to offer less especially when it says ~ OBO (Or Best Offer) that’s exactly what it said in the listing right after her asking price. This typically means they are negotiable or a motivated seller.


Okay so here it is in my hobby room area. I’m ready to get started on this makeover. I’ve done some research on this armoire, and it looks like it’s being called a French Normandy Armoire. The one I found online the asking price is $5,500.00 ~ WOW!

It says~  it’s an exquisite reproduction of an early 19th century antique armoire from Normandy, France. It has been hand carved for an old world look with heirloom-quality.


Always use a drop cloth or put something under the feet of the furniture if you are painting it indoors. I started with this (aged gray) chalk paint from Home Depot. This is less expensive than the (General Finishes) paint that I will use for the final coat. I painted the whole interior of the armoire as well as the whole exterior, and I knew that it would take a lot of paint to cover this big beast.


This is the General Finishes (Seagull Gray) color. It’s the same color that I used on my last post of the dresser that I redid. I used this to cover the whole exterior for the final gray coat.

IMG_2630Since the armoire is in the same room as the dresser ~ I felt like I should do the same paint finish that I did on my dresser.


Next, I had to apply the Amy Howard (French Blue). I dry brushed it on making sure not to put too much paint on my brush. I just put it on in random places not covering up all of the gray color.


I forgot to take a picture of the armoire before I started applying the (raw umber) glaze. The below pic. you can see the right side door is lighter in color, and the left side door is slightly darker where I’ve already applied the glaze.


Both sides are really pretty, but distressing it with the sanding block along with the glaze just gives it a more aged look that I wanted.


Below is the glaze that I used (raw umber) American Traditions brand from my home improvement store.


I rubbed it on with a rag and then went back over it with a rag wiping some off, and leaving more in the cracks and crevices.


The final step in my makeover ~ I used General Finishes high performance water based top coat. It seals it, gives it a nice finished sheen, and makes it more durable.


Here it is my finished armoire makeover… Yippee!


It fits all my craft supplies, and later on if I want to use it for a different purpose I can. I could use it for clothes, T.V. armoire, or bathroom armoire for extra towels etc. the possibilities are endless.

I’m really happy with how it turned out! Please let me know what you think about this makeover.

Until next time friends,

Jessie Jo





4 thoughts on “Antique French Flair Armoire Makeover

  1. Beautifully done! And I love the idea of using it for your craft supplies. It makes it not so obvious that it is a work space!


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