DIY Star Wars BB8 pumpkin and “2016” Halloween Pics

First I needed two pumpkins for this project – one smaller one for the head and one bigger one for the body.  I used two pumpkins that I already had. I painted them both white, and I had to cut a hole in the bottom of the head to fit onto the bottom pumpkins stem. After the paint dried I used a pencil to draw all the BB8 details onto the pumpkins. I looked at my sons BB8 toy to copy all the details from it.


After drawing out the details on the pumpkins I used a black, orange, blue, red, and silver sharpie markers to color in all the details. I used two white drinking straws for the antennas on top of BB8’s head. I colored on one of the straws with a black and silver sharpie marker. This DIY project is a little time consuming, but so worth it because my kids are big Star Wars fans:)


We used it in the back of our car for our church’s trunk-r-treat, and it now resides in our movie theater room.


Below is my son as Kylo Ren at our trunk-r-treat


I purchased this cute mummy before Halloween at an antique mall for $7.00, and my color scheme this year for Halloween was white, black, and silver. Here is the before and after pics below. I took a black sharpie marker and covered up the green part on the mummy. I took a silver sharpie paint marker and covered up the orange spooky part. I almost didn’t buy him because he wouldn’t have matched my color scheme, but this was a very fast DIY so I’m glad that I bought this cute “spooky mummy”.


Gypsy/fortune teller and Star Wars Kylo Ren dressed up and ready for trunk-r-treat.


My kids love to dress up so here’s my cute Star Wars Chewbacca with our little rescue  yorkie dog Penny. This is what my daughter wore for our Halloween party I had for my kids this year. My son dressed up as a Star Wars Jawa (homemade costume I put together for him).img_1255


Happy Fall Y’all


I hope you enjoyed this DIY and the Halloween Pics from my house to yours:)

Until next time friends,

Jessie Jo


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