French Flair ~ DIY Painted Couch & Chair

Hello to my fellow French Farmhouse Flair followers: I’m sorry that I’ve let so much time pass by since my last blog entry. My son graduated from high school, and soon after he left home to go serve a mission for our church. It was a busy time for us celebrating for his graduation, and having a farewell party for him as well. With that being said… we had to get the house ready for our family and friends coming. When we moved into our new home we decided to put our L-shaped slipcovered  sofa in our movie room. Which then left our living room bare for quite some time. With Mr. Hubster not having the job anymore that we relocated here for… we didn’t have the extra funds to purchase a new sofa for the living room. I was stressed out about not having a place for our guests to sit while they were here. We were going to have some family staying with us at our home as well.

I knew that I was going to have to get creative, and I would have to find something on a very tight budget. My Mr. Hubster went out of town on a Boy Scout high adventure with our oldest son. Perfect timing I thought to myself, and as they say – “while the cats away the mice will play”. Before moving I had taken a lot of things to a local furniture and home decor consignment store. I had some cash from the furniture and home decor that I sold at this consignment store. I had around $250. cash to spend on furniture for our living room. I started watching Craigslist like a hawk everyday. I have to say I wasn’t real excited about the idea of buying a used couch. I am a very clean and neat kind of person who gets grossed out by the idea! I had seen ideas on Pinterest though that gave me hope. I had seen pics of DIY painted couches that made me think that if I can paint it then it would be a clean fresh surface when completed.  After seeing the pictures on Pinterest I was getting inspired to do my own DIY painted sofa.

I wanted to find something with a French Flair of course. Which I thought might be near impossible especially considering my budget. Well never underestimate a determined redhead on a mission!;)

Below is the before pics of the sofa & chair. I talked them down on the price and got it for $200.00, and I paid a little extra to have them deliver it to my home. With my husband out of town I had to get creative. I wanted to complete this project before he got home. I didn’t want him to think I was crazy right!?!



I liked the color and fabric, but I didn’t feel bad about painting it because the fabric was not in perfect condition. As you can see in the pic below the seat cushion fabric is torn.


The fabric had some stains on the back of the sofa, but I wasn’t worried about it because I knew the paint would cover over it.


I used Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint, and the color I used is: French Blue. I used an old windex bottle for my water bottle. I squirted water on the fabric first before painting an area. This was a recommendation I read on Pinterest. The water helps the paint to dry a  softer feel verses feeling crunchy.


I also watered down the paint about 50/50 water to paint ratio. The paint is very thick so it helps the paint to go on smoother, and will last longer as well by thinning it down.


The below pic is showing the first coat going on part of the sofa. It is time consuming getting into all the cracks and crevices of the tufted part of the sofa.


The below pic is one coat of paint on the whole sofa. I decided to do two coats after it dried completely. I waited until the next day to do a second coat of paint.


Below pic is the second coat completed on the sofa.


I realized after I finished my sofa that I didn’t have a coffee table. I looked around my house to see what I could use without having to go out and buy one. I went in my bedroom and looked at the bench I had at the foot of our bed. Perfect! It will be more of an ottoman coffee table. In the background you can see the chair, and I’ve got one coat on the chair so far in this picture.


One pint of paint was not enough for my project. It ended up taking two pints of paint watered down to do two coats on the sofa & chair.



Below is the finished chair with two coats.


Well what do you think of my DIY paint project?

I hope you enjoyed my before and after pics of another French Farmhouse Flair DIY project. I was very pleased at how they turned out:)

Until next time friends,

Jessie Jo





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