My Passion, My Purpose:



Hi my name is Jessica J. Lawrence. I have a passion for decorating, DIY projects, and a love for houses. Mr. Hubster and I have built three custom homes, and renovated two historic homes together. We have also bought existing homes and fixed them up to our liking.

We usually don’t stay in a home for very long (about 2 years). I’m always looking for a new project. Mr. Hubster teases me that he’s going to take his time to slow me down. He knows as soon as we are done with our project, and I’ve decorated the home “well I guess you could say he knows what’s coming next.”

So I admit I do have a house and decorating sickness. I always ask myself “what are you looking for Jessica, and why can’t you just be happy and settle down in one house?” I guess it’s just in my blood, because my Mother has the same sickness;)

Watch out it might just be contagious! Please join me on my journey wherever it may take us.

Jessie Jo


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